So I really love summer looks, but I kind of have trouble putting together daytime “appropriate” outfits that I won’t die of sweat in (I sweat a lot, okay?). Also, jean shorts are not really comfortable to sit around in all day. At least mine aren’t.

I really like flowy A-line skirts like this one from H&M because they’re easy to move in, keep you cool, and still make a statement, even paired with a basic top like the one I chose to wear. The only downside to wearing (short) A-line skirts if you live in a windy city like I do is you may accidentally flash your ass to strangers on the subway (as if you didn’t get cat-called enough, right?).

I used to wear some spandex running shorts underneath skirts like this (when I remembered, anyways), but ever since I got my hands on some THINX panties I’ve actually been wearing the boyshort-style ones underneath which is way comfier and less bulky.

The American Apparel top is another fave of mine that I wear all the time, although since I tend to wear it with no bra it results in some sweat stains in the summer…(part of the reason I couldn’t use some of the pics from this look TBH).

The part of my look that isn’t so comfortable are the shoes. I got these from New Look for about ten pounds, but they’re essentially a knock-off of this pair from UNIF. Sorry UNIF, I love you, but was way too broke to be spending $80 bucks on jelly sandals at the time (JK, I’m still too broke). I got the bag from Top Shop, and the necklace is vintage, given to me by my cool-ass great aunt.


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Photos by Pixilens