Bushwick, Brooklyn, is one of those parts of town that’s in the process of being gentrified.

This means that everyone who lived there previously is getting pissed, and everyone who never set foot there before is now flocking there to rent an apartment or try a new hipster coffee shop.

I used to work in Bushwick about two years ago, and it’s changed so much! When a friend of mine invited me to dinner/drinks at a place called Forrest Point, I was amazed that it was the same part of town.

To start, I had the Genji Gimlet which included Brooklyn Gin, Dry Sake, Green Chartreuse, Sesame Honey, Lime, Yuzu, and Toasted Sesame Tincture. It was really good and easy to drink. I also got this Rebecca Minkoff bag for sale at TJ Maxx for just $40 the other week, so figured I’d showcase that too.



For dinner, I was set on the eggplant sandwich but then the waitress decided to elaborate upon their “secret” burger menu and she literally saw my eyes light up when she mentioned a jalapeño mac and cheese burger. So my friend’s girlfriend and I decided to split the eggplant sandwich and the burger so we could have both. Always a great decision, because I always want to try everything possible.




Grilled Eggplant Sandwich: Marinated eggplant, roasted tomatoes, grilled halloumi, watercress, lemon-caper pesto. 

For dessert, we went across the street to Bake Shop, which was allegedly named as having the best chocolate cake in NYC or some shit. Once we saw that award, we were convinced. I got a Brooklyn Blackout cupcake and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

The frosting was overly rich and the cake was dry. I’ve had way better cupcakes in NYC. I really like Baked By Melissa because I can get so many flavors without feeling sick afterwards, and Georgetown Cupcakes never disappoints, although I may be partial because I’m from DC.

Thankfully, even though the cupcake was sub-par, they did have a really cute side wall for a photo op…





Outfit details:

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar here)

Flannel: Thrifted for $2 (brand is Sears lol)

Bodysuit: Nastygal (on sale, mine is an XXS if that helps)

Shorts: American Eagle (similar here)

Socks: Betsey Johnson (similar here)

Shoes: YRU (on SALE)