If you keep up with “trendy” Instagram-famous type foods, you’ve probably seen rolled ice cream. It’s pretty much your standard ice cream, except it’s flattened out and rolled like sushi. Actually, it’s very much like sushi rice in a way. You can eat rice free-form in a big bowl, or you can roll it into sushi.

I hadn’t tried this rolled phenomenon until last night when my friend who goes to NYU took me to his favorite spot on campus. When I say favorite, I mean favorite, he legit didn’t even have to look at the menu to give his order, lol.

I, on the other hand, had major menu anxiety (as usual) when confronted with four different categories that I had to choose from. I ended up going with coffee ice cream, with fudge mix-ins, topped with an oreo, and drizzled with caramel sauce. Yum, right?





As you can see, the ice cream is very photogenic and adorable. As for the taste, I’m not sure I was sold. I liked the effect of almost cutting into ice cream instead of scooping it, and the texture was nice. But the fudge mix-ins were totally lost (I couldn’t really taste them), and the flavor of the ice cream itself wasn’t very strong.

When I think mix-ins, I think Dairy Queen blizzards or some shit, and this fell flat. I also wish they had crumbled up the oreo instead of just plopping it on top. Maybe prettier for presentation (although debatable), but kind of made it hard to eat with the ice cream.

Would I eat it again? Sure. Would I go out of my way to get it? Probably not.

P.S. I really wish they had cookie dough balls as an option for on top…just a thought.