Alright, I by no means consider the Kardashians or the Jenners to be style icons. But shit, sometimes members of that clan wear some shit that I can really get behind. Like Kim’s recent free the nipple world tour or Kylie’s crazy hair colors.

When I saw Kendall Jenner cut up her vintage tee in a super simple (but sexy) way, I really liked it. Also, I knew that I could do it myself (even if Kendall didn’t do hers herself, which I doubt she did).

kendall-jenner-showed-off-sexy-t-shirt-diy-while-out-about_1_2Because I didn’t have any tees that I was willing to cut up, I paid a visit to the Buffalo Exchange by my office and browsed the boys’ section. There weren’t many shirts I liked in the men’s section, but I did come across this FUCT t-shirt that I thought was hilarious. After all, you know how much I love shirts with semi (or very) inappropriate sayings.

I also ended up buying a cute Thrasher t-shirt with a flame pocket, and a black mesh button up tee. I love boys clothes, and since I no longer date skater boys, I have to purchase them myself these days.

The tee I got was not exactly like Kendall’s. The fabric and fit was boxier and the shirt was a size small, so it wouldn’t be as baggy as Kendall’s look was. Either way, I decided to go for it because the front of the shirt didn’t have much on it anyways.

I basically just cut a slit in the middle of the chest part of the shirt, then cut up both sides as evenly as possible. It literally took me under a minute, which was great.

Because my tee was boxier, I tucked the whole thing in rather than just a front portion like Kendall. I also chose to wear a more fun bra because a black lacy bra-let is a bit more scandalous on me, and I’ll use any excuse to incorporate cheetah print into an outfit.











T-shirt: FUCT

Shorts: American Eagle (similar here)

Socks: Betsey Johnson (similar here)

Sneakers: YRU (on sale now!)

Cuff: Dolls Kill (similar here)

Would you try this look? Or do you prefer to cut up your old tees in a different way? Let me know in the comments!