My boyfriend and I had a little mini vacay in “Charm City” last December, and naturally I am just getting to writing about it now.

Considering all the issues that have surrounded Baltimore in recent years, it might not be the first place you think to take a trip. But just like any city, there is good and bad in Baltimore, and if you have your wits about you you’ll be more than fine – and hopefully have a great time, too.

Because I planned the trip, many of our activities revolved around food. Also, it was cold out, so our activity options were slightly limited. I’m going to write a separate post on what else we did in Baltimore. But for now, here’s all the food we ate, and where you should eat too next time you find yourself in B-more.

Pratt Street Ale House

We walked into this spot on our way to the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum on our first day in Baltimore after checking into the hotel. It was a pretty standard pub-style with bar bites. We ordered the Buffalo Bites and the Crab Flatbread. Service was super-quick and the atmosphere was chill, but we wished there had been more crab meat on the flatbread.

Buffalo Bites (Medium)


The Crab Flatbread


The Food Market

This place was an awesome brunch spot, and their dinner menu looks amazing too. There were so many fun combos on the brunch menu that I had trouble deciding what to order, and we loved the complimentary mini donuts/hush-puppies. Also, who doesn’t want to spend brunch saying words like “funchies” and “lunchies?” Especially after a couple mimosas?

My boyfriend ordered the Fried Oyster Omelette and I went for the Monte Cristo because I am a sucker for a sweet and savory brunch meal since I can never decide between the two. Both dishes were fab, and as an added bonus the restaurant had great lighting 😉

I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone visiting Baltimore! It was also in an area called Hampden which had a bunch of cute vintage shops, record stores, etc.



The Fried Oyster Omelette: bacon, arugula, tomato, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, breakfast potatoes,


The Monte Cristo: ham & cheese french toast, over easy egg, brie mornay, breakfast potatoes

Level Small Plates Lounge

This is in Annapolis, not Baltimore – but close-by enough I figured it was worth mentioning. It was located right on the waterfront in Annapolis, where there are a bunch of cute places and shops (although many close on the early side of the evening). It’s been months and I am still dreaming about the Brussels Sprouts we had there. If I visited again, I’d skip the Tuna Tartare as it was kind of bland and didn’t taste super fresh – but everything else was great!


Spicy Tuna Tartare: ahi tuna, spicy soy vinaigrette, wasabi tobiko, micro cilantro, house tortilla chips.


Chorizo Dip: papa weaver chorizo, chilies, sorrel, tandoori naan.


The Buffalo Cauliflower


The Fried Brussels Sprouts: hot honey, goat cheese ranch.


The Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milk

Fork & Wrench

This was where we went for dinner on the first night, and we really liked it. The decor was cute and kitschy, and it was also pretty empty when we arrived which was weirdly nice. We also liked the booths so we could sit close because we’re an embarrassing couple like that – at least when we essentially have the place to ourselves.

The Brussels Sprouts were delish, and so was pretty much everything else. They change the menu seasonally, so the menu has since changed, but I’m pretty sure you can’t go too wrong here.

This restaurant is also by a nice pier/boardwalk area where you can walk around, it looked sort of residential. We ended dinner late and it was dark out, so we didn’t walk around for too long, but it would’ve been nice on a summer evening.




Oxtail Perogi: braised cabbage, bosc pear,


Crispy Brussels Sprouts: guanciale, shallots, spiced pecans & sherry vinaigrette.


F&W Mac and Cheese: tasso ham, beer-cheddar fondue, & blistered pardon peppers.


Duck Confit Rillette: cider gelee, pickled cranberries,


S’Mores Donuts



Daily Grind

We made a quick stop here on our way out of town. It was by the water, easy to find, and had lots of seating. He got a bagel with lox and I got a blueberry bagel with PB&J because I was craving something sweet. Definitely a good spot to sit and get work done too.